Domain Cost Club

Domain Cost Club

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We are Domain Cost Club and we are striving to be a new, better type of domain registrar. Since 1999 we have been selling domain names the same way as everyone else and we think it time for a change. We want to be the first to provide you domain names at cost.
How does Domain Cost Club Work ?
You probably already know, First, you purchase an annual membership. Then you can shop our warehouse of at cost pricing for new registrations , renewals, transfers and even pre-orders.
Instead of offering constantly changing discount codes, coupons and introductory prices, your club membership always gives you domains at the exact price it costs us. We are eliminating the middle man and giving you wholesale prices. You pay the same price as godaddy, 1and1 and any other ICANN accredited registrar. Typical registrar markup is 300% or more, so in just 3 or 4 domains, your 99$ membership has paid for itself.

Whether you are someone just needs a couple of domains at a good price, or you are a domainer looking to consolidate your portfolio, we’v got you covered.

So, whats in this warehouse ?
Starting early 2014, In addition to .com, .net and .org, hundreds of new extensions are being released over the following years. Brand new domain extensions like .website .photography .guru and .blog – now anyone can secure a great name that actually describes their interest. For example, a coffee shop owner may want a name ending with .coffee or .shop – an internet professional may want names ending with .website .guru .technology .computer .systems or all of them ! no matter what business you are in, its important to get in early, while the best names are still available. As the early .com people can tell you, a small investment today can pay off later in a big way. So what are you waiting for ? Join the club today and enjoy at cost pricing on 100s of extensions all in one place.

Know someone who can take advantage of of our cost club ? Looking for a business opportunity of your own ? Let others know about our no hassle at cost pricing for members and you will be rewarded for referrals ! Generous commissions and premium bounties can earn you fast cash and residual income.

If you refer a standard member for $99, 55$ is paid to you and your network. You are paid a 20$ premium bounty plus 5$ in commission. That’s 25$ for each referral. Another 30$ in commission is paid out to your network. Don’t worry, we will get to that in a minute. Know someone looking to lock in a lifetime of savings ? A limited number of charter memberships are available for a one time purchase of $499. That is guaranteed at cost pricing for life, no annual renewals ! You earn 200$ for referring a single charter member. Premium bounties are a great way to make money fast, but the true long term potential of the club is in commissions and the power of our profit maximizing 4 by 7 matrix with spillover. A matrix isnt anything complicated. Its just a way to organize referrals ad provide the most wealth to the most people. The 7 in a 4 by 7, is the number of of levels in a network. You will receive commissions for your referrals, their referrals and so on, through 7 levels. Your downline.
The 4 is where our spillover feature comes in. Everyone’s first level is made up of 4 people. After those 4, the next person spills down a level to share commissions with your downline. This happens again and again for 7 levels, and remember, not only do you spill people downline, they are spilled over to you from above as well.Commissions are paid 7 levels uppline from where ever the referral is placed.

So, How much money can you make ? How long does it take to make some serious money ? Lets look at some examples, and remember, since you earn commissions on renewals too, its residual. What if you refer 1 person a month and each new member refers 1 a month as well. In a year, you will have earned over 16,000 $ – what if a quarter of those referrals are charter Members ? thats right, 30,000$ a huge return, on a 99$ investment. But how easy is it to earn a full time income ? Lets look at 2 standard members a month, in less than a year, you would have a full matrix with an annual 6 figure income. If your matrix is full, it triggers an infinity override, get paid on all levels below you to infinity ! That’s truly unlimited income !

So what is a domain cost club ? An Unlimited income business Opportunity. Domains At Cost, a new internet frontier. So what are you waiting for ? Join the club and start saving and earning today.

Domains Cost Club

Domain Cost Club

Domain Cost Club provides Domains at Cost. Domain Cost Club is an opportunity to Earn Money while Saving at the same time form Cheap Domain Registrations.

I joined Domain Cost Club as a Charter member just 3 days ago and already my downline has grown up to 5 levels with over 20 members in, this opportunity is converting very nicely.

When you join Domain Cost Club using this link, you will be placed in my 4 by 7 matrix and you will receive spillover from me because I am doing heavy advertising to promote Domain Cost Club.

I addition, when you join under me, you will receive my Warning.Domains program as a free gift, which is being sold elsewhere for 29.99$ this will teach you how to manage your domains and show you where and how to sell domains for over 500% of your cost to make huge profits.

Also, if you join my Domain Cost Club team, You will receive a priceless mystery gift on the law of attraction – This second gift will show you how to cultivate the right mindset to attract success in what ever you wish to achieve.

How much can you save ? Here are the facts

.com $7.85
.net $6.93
.club $9.75
.pictures $7
.rocks $8
.xyz $8
.link $6.67

And this is not just for your first domain or your first year, they guarantee at cost pricing at all times.

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