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Prior to general availability launch for DCC, we will be offering advance VIP registration to select leaders who wish to get in early and secure a position high up within the DCC 4×7 forced matrix.
Early bird prelaunch will open at 10:00am on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7:00)
Visit as soon as early bird prelaunch opens to complete your charter membership registration!

The early bird registration period will last for 7 days. After 7 days, general availability will begin.

Our exclusive lifetime charter membership option will be the only registration choice available during early bird registration. Lifetime charter membership costs a one-time fee of $499 and includes a lifetime Domain Cost Club membership. The annual $99 membership option will not become available until early bird registration has ended. You may use the duration of early bird registration to promote to your leaders or anyone else that you wish to purchase lifetime club membership.
Positions within the 4×7 forced matrix will be populated on a first-come, first-serve basis. The sooner you purchase a membership, the higher up your account will be.
Interested in forming a team during early bird registration? MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER: Domain Cost Club utilizes a forced matrix. This is dramatically different from the longstanding GDI affiliate program. DCC also does not allow manual downline movement. All referrals spill over to fill in your forced matrix automatically.

This does not mean you cannot form your own teams, but it does mean that you need to think about how you want to sign up. If all accounts within a team sign up on our home page at, there is no guarantee you will end up within the same genealogy. What does this mean to you? Strategize your game plan in advance! Determine the order you want for your team leaders. The person at the top will want to sign up using our link. The next person on your team will NOT want to use our link; they should use the referral link for the person at the top of your team. This is the only way to ensure you end up somewhere within the same downline structure. If you have a third person you wish to “stack” on your team, they should sign up using the referral link for the second team member’s account. Again, this is the only way to ensure all three accounts end up within the same upline/downline structure. Accounts cannot be moved, so make sure to plan carefully.
The referral link for your DCC account will be formed as follows: (example URL only, do not use for registration)
Can you purchase multiple club memberships/accounts? Yes! Multiple accounts will be handled exactly as they are today for GDI. Anyone can maintain multiple DCC accounts, but we will only pay commission to the same affiliate once for any given downline member, and always to the lowest account in the upline.
In the case of family, truly different people will not be treated as having multiple accounts. As long as the individual has their own Social Security Number and signs their own paperwork, the account will not be considered an additional account for anyone else.
Can accounts be opened in a business name? Definitely. But the business name must have a valid EIN and match the business name on record for the EIN. Accounts in business names will be treated as accounts belonging to the individual who owns the business and files the tax documentation, and are also subject to our multiple account policy.
Make sure to spell your name correctly when completing registration. All commission payments will be made to the name used to register the account. A separate payable-to name cannot be specified, nor will changes to names on accounts be made after registration is complete under any circumstances. Be sure to take this into account when you sign up. All names are permanent as entered, and must be able to provide proper tax documentation in order to receive commission payments.
Plan now to ensure you’re ready when early bird registration begins on September 23, 2014!