New to Domain Cost Club? We have compiled a list of questions that have been asked a number of times by new members just like yourself. The following list of FAQ’s, and their respective answers, should help you get a better grasp on how everything works!

1. What is Infinity Override?

If you’ve looked at the matrix and done the math, you’ve realized that there is a maximum of 21,844 Domain FAQpositions in a 4×7 matrix. To prevent this from limiting your potential income, if your matrix becomes completely full then commission is no longer limited to seven levels of downline. Instead, commission is paid through infinite levels of downline (an “infinity override”), with one exception. If someone else in your downline is earning the infinity override, your override ends at them. For example: If you have earned an infinity override and someone on your sixteenth level has earned an infinity override, you will not be paid on anyone downline from that person. You will be paid on levels 17 through infinity on other persons in your network, but you will not be paid on levels 17 through infinity beneath the other person with an infinity override.

2. How do I give the 3 $99 Club Memberships I received with my Lifetime Charter Membership to Domain Cost Club?

The $99 Gift Memberships will be released in the very near future. You will be able to send the Club Membership to anyone you like from within your Domain Cost Club Member’s Area by simply entering their email address. We’re still testing our Order Flow to ensure that these Gift Memberships process properly. We’ll notify you and all Charter Members once this feature is available. Please pardon the delay.

3. How does Downline spillover work?

Networks are constructed in a four-by-seven (“4×7”) matrix with spillover. This means that everyone’s first level contains a maximum of four people, and you are paid through seven levels. If your first level contains four people and you have a new referral, they are “spilled over” into your second level. If the second level is full, the referral is spilled over into your third level. This continues infinitely. Accounts are always spilled to the next available spot in the matrix. You are paid the referral bounty for direct referrals, regardless of what level your referral is spilled to. You receive commission for anyone in your seven levels of referrals (your “downline”) regardless of who the original referrer was.

spilloverFor example: You buy a DCC Charter or Club Membership. First, you refer four people we’ll call “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.” Your level 1 is now full because all four spots are taken. Next, you refer “E.” Because your level 1 is full, E will “spill” to your level 2 and be placed under the oldest account (A). Your next direct referral, “F,” will spill to the next available spot on your level 2. Because A already has an account under it (E), F will be placed under B. Referral “G” will go under C and referral “H” will go under D. Now you have 8 signups, 4 on level 1 and 4 on level 2. Each level 1 member has 1 downline member.

The above example is straightforward because it assumes you are the only one referring people. In practice, people above you and below you will be referring people and spillover will be occurring on multiple levels. No matter what level a referral is being spilled to, on that level they will go to the account with the fewest first level members. If multiple accounts have the same number of first level members, it will go to the oldest account.

4. Did you see a Trademark Notice when attempting to register a domain?

You may or may not be entitled to register the domain name depending on your intended use and whether it is the same or significantly overlaps with the trademarks listed below. Your rights to register this domain name may or may not be protected as noncommercial use or “fair use” by the laws of your country. For more information concerning Trademark Notices, see

5. What are Premium names and why do they cost more?

Short answer: they’re the best names, and some registries charge more for them. Premium domains may have different registration, renewal, and transfer prices than all other names in the same TLD. Domain Cost Club doesn’t add any markup to premium domains, at all. We’re selling them to you at the same price we’re being charged. Long answer: Registries control their own pricing. Some registries will create a list of names that they think are more valuable, and charge more for them. Registrars then usually add their own markup, often double or triple the price the registry is charging them. There might be 10,000 premium names in a registry, or 500, or none at all. It’s entirely up to each registry, as is the pricing. For example, the registry for “.CASH” may decide that “” is more valuable than most other names. Instead of charging $20 for it, like any other “.cash” domain, they might charge $3000 to the registrar. The registrar might then turn around and sell it to their customers for $6000. Domain Cost Club will soon be offering these domains in our order flow, but if you need one now, contact us at

6. How can I Forward domains with Domain Cost Club to another site?

We do not currently offer Forwarding services in your Domain Cost Club member’s area, but are currently working on the ability to forward domains from within the DCC member’s area. We expect to have Forwarding in place very soon.

Remember, there are many resources to help you get started as a new member. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may come across not listed in this post! Best of luck with your new membership!